I said that the plan was to post every Friday and Monday with a new page up on Wednesday.  So here today is Friday and the day is almost gone and no post yet.  Luckily I’m getting it in before my self imposed deadline is over.

Ayla is not the only comic project I’m working on.   I’ll write a post soon about projects in development and projects that never get beyond that point.  Some of the ones I’m working on are moving along at a good pace, some are moving more slowly and there are some that may never move beyond where they are now.  One of the projects that is getting closer to the magic number where I can start posting is “The Almighty Project.”  I thought I’d show a few pages of what it’s going to look like.  The art is by Luca Ciccihitti and really looks good.  I’ll talk more about this when it gets closer to announce its debut, but for now I hope you enjoy the pages.

almightproject page 5

The almight project page one

the almighty project page two

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