For the past few years I’ve been using a banner with Sam Kieth artwork on it.  Now there is definitely nothing wrong with Sam’s artwork, it’s great.  It was from the cover he did for a comic I wrote called Diebold.  It made for what I thought was a really good image, but the problem with it, was that it was old.  The comic itself was from more years ago than I want to think about.   But the problem was that I didn’t have anything new out at the moment.   I was in the process of working on a lot of stuff, all just ready to start coming out any moment.

con pic

(see, a pretty cool picture for a banner if I do so myself.)

But the problem was that all this just about to come out any moment never seemed to come out.  (That’s a story for another post though.)  So I stuck with the old banner.

Now I’ve finally decided it is time for a new banner.  I do have something coming out now.  Ayla Speaker for the Dead has started and we are far enough ahead that it will continue.  I’m working on a few other projects that I have a lot of confidence in and am more than assured will appear in the coming year.  So I figured it was time to get me a banner that showcased what I was up to now.  (And at the same time, didn’t forget Diebold completely, that comic is still represented on the new banner.)

And that’s where my friend and talented artist for this very comic you’re reading, Javi Laparra came in.  He took my rough (and I mean very rough) designs for the new banner and turned it into pure gold.  I don’t have the actual banner yet, all the artwork is off getting printed and worked into a banner and should be here shortly and when I get it I’ll show it to all of you, but I have the artwork and I could not be happier with the result.

banner final

Isn’t it great?  I’m sorry if I seem to gush. But I love it.  It represents my new work, while still maintaining a link to my older stuff.   For those who may not recognize everyone on the banner, let me help you out.

Of course at the top is Ed the Talking Head from Diebold.  To his right is Ayla.  Just below her is The Old Dog. (This is a tumblr site where you can read a lot of my old work and it’s soon to be a new column for a local comic store site, more on that later.)  To Ed’s left is Skye Pilot (more to come).  Inside the frame she is holding is Sparkles (look for it early 2016).  Below them is Sean the turtle from my series Lizards (Fantagraphics and Caliber).    And I’m not sure who that funny looking guy in the center is, lol.


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