I wasn’t going to go this year.   Wizard World Cons aren’t strictly aimed at the comic book reader, but than if you look at most Comic Conventions these days a lot of them fall into that category.  Still the New Orleans version of Wizard World always seem to make a good representation for comics.  I hear a lot of complaints about Wizard World and believe me I could add my voice to some of them, but at the end of the day you know what you’re getting into when you go a Wizard World Con.  I’ve actually had fun at the ones I’ve went to.  Two years ago was the last one I set up at and I was lucky enough to set up next to Bob Layton.  When I first saw on the map that I was going to be next to Bob Layton I was initially a little worried.  This was a man that helped shape the course of comic history in the last couple decades.  His Iron Man run was the basis for the movies.  This guy was going to want to have nothing to do with me.

bob layton

But nothing could be farther from the truth.  As you can tell from the picture above hopefully.  Mr. Layton was a wonderful next door table mate.  He was the most down to earth, friendliest guy I think I have ever met.  I watched him sign countless comics and even when someone would deposit a pile taller than him in front of him, Bob would sign every copy.  And he never even thought to charge for his autograph, he talked about how he didn’t think it was right to charge fans that supported him to get his signature.  And a few months later when I went to Wizard World in Atlanta who was at a table right across from me.  Yep, Bob Layton.

The biggest problem with Wizard World is the cost.   It is expensive.  And I never make my money back from a convention.  Right now all I have to sell are comics that are at least a decade old and very few have even heard of, so if I’m lucky I’ll sell some, but never enough to make my money back.  You would think my prints of the covers to Diebold, featuring art by Sam Kieth and Mike Zeck might make a few dollars, but the memory of most con goers doesn’t stretch back far enough to even know who these two great artists are.  (And that’s another post for another time.)  So my main goal when I go to conventions right now is to get word out about what I’m working on right now.  Two years ago I spent the year going to cons that were within driving distance, trying to do at least one weekend a month, which was about what I could get off from my regular job every month.  I thought I had a lot of stuff in the pipeline ready to come out that year.  Well, for reasons that I’m not going to go into, some good and some bad, nothing made it out that year.

I took last year off from convention going.

I knew nothing was going to show up last year, so I wasn’t going to bother with conventions.  Well the coming year is looking a little brighter.  At the very least, and I really don’t mean that in the least, I have this comic coming out.  So I’m happy to start hitting conventions up to get the word out about Ayla.  My goal is to hand out postcards and tell as many people as I can about Ayla.  (There maybe more in the near future but I’m trying to learn not to get ahead of myself.  Like that’s going to happen, ha!)

Still the price tag was high and I was debating going when I saw  friend and talented artist Joe Badon was looking for someone to split table costs with him.  It was like it was a sign.  I decided that it was worth it.  (Even though I almost sent my half of the money to the wrong person, but luckily we caught it in time.)  So come out and check us out at D-16 on January 8,9, and 10th.   It’ll be worth it to just check out Joe’s art I promise you.

wizard world

The guest line up for this con is huge.  Go check it out here.  That had something to do with my decision too.  I figured that there were going to be a lot of people at this con.  I’ve printed up a thousand post cards for Ayla.  If I give all of them out I’ll feel I accomplished my goal.  Heck, if I give half of them out I’ll feel pretty good.

So come by the table, I’ll probably be the guy standing in front of the table pushing post cards at everyone that walks by.  The front of the post card is the beautiful drawing Javi did of the cover, with no logo or anything on it.  The back has our website address.  I think the postcard should be a collector item just for Javi’s beautiful artwork.

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