No, I don’t have any special news to report.  Just wishful thinking on my part.

Creators are the most egotistical people you may ever meet.  We have to be.  To be able to create when no one else may like what we create we have to think we’re creating something special.

Creators are the most insecure people you may ever meet.  Everything we create we fear is never going to be good enough.  No one will like it.

Strangely enough both of the above statements are true.  Creators encompass both of these emotions and usually at the same time.  That’s why we’re all a little off center.

Which is all just a prelude to the title of this post.  I’m not writing Ayla in hopes that one day it will be a movie.  But I wouldn’t turn down any serious offers either.  Part of me likes to imagine that it is picked up and a major motion picture is going to be made.  Or even a tv show.  I could live with either.  Who would star in such a feature?

I know my pick.  Nicole Beharie who is currently starring in Sleepy Hollow.   I enjoy the show but I am fascinated with Ms. Beharie.  I think she would make an outstanding Ayla.


If you where going to pick someone, what would be your choice for Ayla?

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