There is an ending.

Ayla is created to be an ongoing serial.  But I’m writing the series in stories that stand by themselves.  Each story will connect to the next one, much like a novel in an adventure or mystery thriller will feed off the ones before it.  So each story will have a beginning and an ending.

I know how the current storyline ends.  I don’t write my plots out that far in advance.  In fact I’ve been known to start a story without really knowing where I was going.  For me the characters are what’s important.  Not that plot and story aren’t, but if the characters don’t feel real to me, nothing in the story will work.  So for this story I knew where I was starting and I know where I’m going to end up.  I have one of the final lines in the story already written.

But getting there from here can be a surprise.  Sometimes the characters decide to want to branch out and do things I hadn’t originally thought of.  In my first draft of the start of the story Ayla walks off from page eight right into the scene on page 18.  There was nothing in between there, but the more I thought about it them the other scenes occurred.

Ayla didn’t live above the strip club Big Mama’s in my first version.  I’m not going to say where she lived, but I kept re-thinking my original idea and didn’t like it.  In another story that never got off the ground I had the main character live above a strip club.  The more I thought about it the more I liked that idea for Ayla.  It also introduced me to Big Mama, who is one of Ayla’s best friends.

The scene with Little Wing was to give some background to Ayla and show that she didn’t exist in a vacuum.   Also it sets us up for things to happen in the future.  So by listening to some other thoughts I added another eight pages to the story and more characters.

Like I said I know where I’m going to end up, but the road might have some detours and turns I wasn’t expecting.

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