With the publication of the 24th page we finish our first chapter in the first storyline for Ayla.  Ayla is created to run with no end in site, but the first storyline is looking to be three chapters, each 24 pages long.  This can change as I write, but I’m pretty sure that will be the length of our first story.  We may miss a week or two inbetween our chapters here as we prepare the first 24 pages for a printed version.  Yes, you heard right, you will be able to purchase a printed version of Ayla shortly.  The first 24 pages will be collected between two covers and for sale.  We’re so happy we can’t wait here, Javi and myself.  We’re in the process right now of getting everything together and ready to send to the printer.  We’ll keep you updated and where to order a copy if you’d like one.  Thanks for all the support for the first 24 pages and we hope to see everyone here for the next 24.

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